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Forchem Oyj

Terve! Mitä kuuluu? Tänään selitän, mitä yritykseni tekee. "We have a solution to greener tomorrow" In a recent past, he Portuguese industrial group Respol, led by Mr. Manuel Barbeiro Costa, bought Forchem. The deal involved 160 million euros and is the largest Portuguese investment made in Finland. Forchem Oyj (Oyj is equal to S.A) is an industrial company. A company that operates in the second sector of economic activity and  holds the largest biorefinery in the world. The company fractional distillation the raw material Crude Tall Oil (CTO), and sells its derivatives to third parties. Being these derivatives: TOFA (TALL OIL FATTY ACID) TOR (TALL OIL ROSIN) DTO (DISTILLED TALL OIL) FORTOP 600 Pitch This derivatives will be used to manufacture various produts, such the bases for fixing the printing inks, to biodiesel. A short video that succinctly explains what is the real green gold.